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School Vehicle Request


(Revised: September 23, 2021)

Must fill out The Request For Use of School Vehicle application, 2 weeks prior to use. Upon approval, the forms below will be attached to the clipboard along with the keys at The Main Office. 

  • Pre/post Check Form
  • Incident Report
  • Accident Form
  • State Automobile Loss Notice Form
  • Diagram
  • Need to provide a seating chart in bus (mandatory)
  • Request for Use of School Vehicle form must be emailed to or put form in athletic director box
  • Must be a certified PUC driver for buses
    • If not certified we can request for a certified drive at $25.00 per hour
  • Vehicles must be returned with a full tank (if not full $5.00 per gallon will be charged to person/organization using vehicles)
  • Vehicles must be brought back the same or better than when used Equipment for cleaning the bus will be available at the auto shop and should be used prior to checking the vehicle
  • Must sanitize bus before, during and after use
  • Must dispose of all trash
  • No eating or drinking in vehicles
  • Students must be seated at all times with seatbelt securely fastened.
  • Must fill out paperwork before and after use with mileage, gas, etc. (form will be given to person checking out keys)
  • Must use vehicle checklist before use (form with picture of vehicles)
  • PHIS is not responsible for theft or missing items
  • No smoking, vaping, drugs, alcohol etc, in the vehicles
  • No fighting or bad mouthing anyone in vehicles
  • No yelling, screaming or shouting in the vehicles
  • Do not distract the driver while in the vehicles
  • No spitting, gum chewing, etc., in the vehicles Sedan - must fill in request two days in advance

Subject to change without notice
Download and Print the following documents below: