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Vision, Mission, Philosophy, Motto

We are a school of varied backgrounds, of equally diverse gifts and talents, and we count on you for your contribution to make a difference.  Academically, our courses will prepare you for college, as well as for other post-high school options. Socially, we want each of you to respect yourself, respect others, respect our environment, and be responsible. We want you all to have goals and aspirations for a successful future.In essence, we want each one to strive towards achieving our school”s Vision, Mission, Philosophy, Motto and General Learner Outcomes listed below.


Graduates realize their full potential to succeed academically, personally, and socially in a global society.


To provide a safe place of learning for all members of the Pahoa High & Intermediate School community where they responsibly prepare for a meaningful, positive future.


Everyone can achieve at Pahoa.


People Actively Helping Others Achieve