Makahiki - November 7, 2023

WhatWehena Makahiki (Makahiki Opening)
Who: PHIS ʻohana/community
  • PHIS Hawaiian Club Moaniani Lehua - Leaders
  • School leadership (SBG, Admin, Complex) & students in dance - In-person participants
  • Teachers, staff, students - Hoʻokupu (see below), observe the procession (see below), and/or watch the event live on Google Meets by clicking on this link.
When:  Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2023 at 11:30am during block 4 which will be our 8th period.
About Makahiki: Makahiki is about celebrating our accomplishments made thus far and seeking ways to improve ourselves and our school community.
Hoʻokupu: Hoʻokupu is an offering. It literally means to cause someone or something to sprout and grow.  We invite everyone including students, teachers, and staff to provide a hoʻokupu, by offering your reflections about ways you believe our school does really well and ways our school needs to improve.  There are two ways you can provide your hoʻokupu:
  1. You may visit us this Friday & Monday during 1st recess outside of the S building to share your reflections by filling out a Hoʻokupu Card; OR
  2. You may complete a Google Hoʻokupu Form
Kaʻi - Observing the procession:  On Nov. 7th, at 11:30am a procession will begin up at the portables with the sounding of the pū.  We will walk through the campus, passing each building.  When you hear the pū approaching, with your permission, you and your students may come outside of your classroom to observe the procession. Should you not want to participate, you may close your door to lessen any disruption to your instruction. Note: If you or any of your students have a Hoʻokupu Card, as we pass your building, you're welcome to approach and add it to the pūʻolo.
Next steps: During Makahiki season, members of Moaniani Lehua will categorize and prioritize the hoʻokupu. We will work with our school leadership (SBG, Admin, Complex) to create a plan of action. During the closing of Makahiki, we will present it out.
We invite you to have meaningful discussions with your students regarding our schools achievements and ways to improve. Attached are the reflection Hoʻokupu may use them in your instruction should you wish to do so and submit it either individually or as a class.