PHIS Attendance Support System

School attendance system overseen as a system of shared responsibilities among teachers, counselors, SBBH, and administration. 


Expectations for Present and On Time:

  • Teachers will be at the class before students in order to greet students as they arrive.
  • Students will be in class before the tardy bell rings.
    • “Tardy” is defined as anytime after the bell rings and students are not in the room.
  • Students less than five minutes tardy will be sent to class and teacher marks accordingly in Infinite Campus.
  • Students more than five minutes tardy will be sent to Onward room to work on I-Ready. If student refuses to go, administration will be notified and student will be sent home as disorderly.
    • Parents will be notified of all Onward room students via automated notification daily.
  • Students tardy or cutting class more than 3 times in a week will be sent home as disorderly.

Attendance Goals:

  • PHIS students are expected to be in class every day and on time. Realizing other life issues do come up during the school year, students are considered to have good attendance when they are in class and on time at least 90% of class periods.
  • Students with 80% attendance or less will be placed on attendance contracts.
    • Suggested schedule: 7th/8th-M, 9th-T, 10th W, 11th/12th-Th
    • Contracts will be developed with counselor, student, and parent(s)/guardian(s).
    • Counselors will check in weekly with students on contract.
    • Attendance contracts will last until attendance is above 80% for 20 consecutive school days.
    • Students on contract will not be permitted to participate in athletic competition or any other extracurricular activity.
    • Students on contract will make-up attendance through after school tutoring.


Attendance Committee:

  • Attendance committee will be a standing committee comprised of teacher representative(s), counselor, SBBH,  and an administrator
  • Committee will meet weekly to discuss students who are not achieving 80% attendance rate or who are not already on an attendance plan. Admin will consider committee direction and help to offer solutions. 

high school uniform

PHIS Uniform Guidance

Expectations for Uniforms

  • Students will be expected to be in uniform t-shirts or another Pahoa High and Intermediate branded top daily.
  • School ID is considered part of the uniform and needs to be visible at all times on campus.
  • Students are not to cover uniforms with pull-over style hoodies. Hoodies or other outwear that unzip or otherwise open in the front and can show the uniform top are acceptable.

What if you don’t have your uniform

  • For students who come to school without a uniform shirt, one will be provided for you by security or other school staff.
  • Students who are issued a uniform for the day must return them to security for cleaning at the end of the day.
  • Every effort will be made to get you a uniform shirt of proper size; however, we may have to use larger sizes if your size is not available.