SY22-23 Update Health Announcements for Students

Update to Physical Requirements for 7th Grade Students

Since July of 2020 there are new health Department of Health requirements to enter 7th grade. These include the physical exam and vaccinations of HPV, MCV and TDAP. 

For current 7th grade students, missing these new requirements may delay entry to 8th grade or result in exclusion from school in the future.  

These requirements should be filled out and signed by your child’s primary care provider on the Student Health Record form 14, available from the school office, or scroll down to the attached form icon.

View the
 7th Grade Health Requirement Video for more information.  


If you have any questions please call Pahoa High and Inter. Health Room (808)313-4260 or School Health Support Staff at (808) 313-4241.


Prepare your child for Seventh Grade

The Hawaii State Departments of Education (DOE) and Health (DOH) are collaborating on ways to protect and ensure the health of our keiki. We know adolescence is a time of tremendous physical, emotional, and social change, and a physical exam can help to prevent health issues from developing.

State law requires all public school students to complete a physical exam, also called a  well-­child visit , within 12 months before starting seventh grade.

It is important to plan ahead and schedule an appointment for your child before the seventh grade school year begins. Let the school know if you need more time because of scheduling. 

Who is qualified to conduct a physical exam?

A physical exam is provided by a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional. 

How much does a physical exam cost?

When scheduling your child's appointment, ask for a well-child visit to receive this free annual benefit under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). 



What happens during the physical exam?

Remember to bring the attached Student's Health Record (Form 14) for the doctor to complete during the visit. Use this time for you and your child to ask the doctor questions about health and wellness.


What do I do with the completed Student's Health Record (Form 14)

Submit the completed Form 14 to your child's school when he or she registers for the seventh 
grade or to update child’s shot records for compliancy and to avoid being excluded from school.


Where can I find more information?

For more information about the seventh grade physical exam requirement and to print more copies of the Form 14, visit and search for "Physical Exam". 

Preteen/Teen Immunization Information 

The Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE) is assisting the Department of Health (DOH) in promoting awareness of recommended vaccines to protect the health of adolescents.  Please replicate and post the following very important information via any means of electronic communication used by your school in communicating information to parents:

Important Message for Parents from the Hawaii State Department of Health
Protect your child’s health against serious, sometimes life-threatening diseases. The effectiveness of childhood vaccines can decrease over time. Preteens and teens are also at risk for different disease as they get older. 
Protect the health of your preteen or teen with four (4) important vaccines recommended by the DOH DOCD:

Take your child to his/her primary care provider to receive these vaccines. For more information, visit
Thank you for your cooperation.  Should you have further questions, please contact Timothy Lino, Ed.D., Administrator, School Health Section at (808) 305-9787 or via Lotus Notes. 


DOE Health and Wellness Guidelines